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Spam and Virus Emails: 
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I understand and agree that by making my email address publicly available that anyone with a virus infected computer could send email with my email address without my consent. 
FlowingFun.com strongly suggests you keep a self updating virus check software package running on your computer to protect your computer from computer viruses. 

Requesting the Posting of a URL link of your profile on other websites or Internet ISP: We caution profile owners to take care and to read all Terms of Usage documents on any website or Internet ISP, before you post a URL back to FlowingFun.com. Some ISPs/websites do not allow URL links to external adult content sites. You maybe in violation of the website/ISP Terms of Service and your access to that site could be deleted by the owning ISP. 
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Legal Actions: By your viewing or by any use of this site, you agree to wave all court legal action and be bound to arbitration to be held in the Houston Offices of the American Arbitration Association. 
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